Trautmann, Reinhold: Die slavischen Ortsnamen Mecklenburgs und Holsteins (Abhandlungen der Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Philologisch-historische Klasse 45/3). 2., verbesserte Aufl., Berlin 1950. Abkürzungen A. Anfang BergN Bergname bsl. bayernslavisch D. Drittel E. Ende FlurN Flurname GewN Gewässername H. Hälfte Lkr. Landkreis M. Mitte ma. mundartlich PN Personenname SN Siedlungsname Summary On the Phonemic and Morphemic Integration of Slavonic Place-Names and Personal Names in Northern Bavaria This article reveals phenomena of integration concerning Slavonic phonems and morphems as parts of names which were taken over into German and further developed in Eastern Franconian resp. in various Bavarian dialects. Several examples of toponyms and anthroponyms show that the analysis of these manifestations can be useful in order to achieve more precise expla¬ nations of certain place-names. It also provides criteria which help to judge the probability of certain explanations in relation to other possible assumptions. Not least, knowledge can be gained referring to the chrono¬ logical delimitation of medieval Slavonic-German language contact in Northern Bavaria. 346