Full text: Interferenz-Onomastik

1403 devar Tramelan, Tramelon (AAEB, B 133/10, n° 6) 
1403 (cop. 1413/14) Tramelan (AAEB, B 133/26a, p. 170) 
1407 Tramolans (Trouillat, V, 217) 
1441 Tramolant (Stouff12, 147) 
15. Jh. Tramolat, Tramelat (Rüekenaufschriften auf den Urkunden StadtA 
Bern 1343 und 1345) 
15. Jh. Tremolans (Clouzot, 93) 
1454 Tremlingen (Stouff, 126) 
1470 Tramillant, Tramellam (AAEB, B 237/38) 
1479 Tremlingen (Stouff, 129) 
1480 Tremolans (mat. A. Rais) 
1489 Trömlingen (Stouff, 130) 
1498 Tramolans (Daucourt* 33, VII, 187) 
1523 Tramolans (AAEB, B 237/38) 
1536 Tramolans (mat. A. Rais) 
1541 Tremoullans (AAEB, B 133/10) 
1557 Tramollans (mat. A. Rais) 
1609 Trammolat (AAEB, A 112, 102) 
Zu streichen sind: 1334 Tramelis (AAEB, Charte 1334, 1CI mai; cf. Trouillat, 
V, 689; auf Falte!) und 1325 Trimellingen (Trouillat, III, 348) samt 1600 
Trimlingen (mat. A. Rais; Flur in Delémont!). Die Dialektformen lauten 
tramlö, im Kanton Jura tremía, in Les Bois tremóla (mit langem -a). Wir 
danken Archivdirektor Jean-Claude Rebetez für seine wertvollen Ratschläge. 
Who created the German Counterparts of Romance Topo- 
nyms in Western Switzerland? 
Only a handful of the Romance-Germanic double names seem to go back to 
Antiquity, for instance Basilia - Basel or Aventicum - Wiflisburg. For the other 
specimens one has to look rather closely at the different regions where they 
appear. In French speaking Jura the wealth of parallel names came into being by 
Frankish domination in the 6th and 7th centuries, e. g. Cornol - Gundolsdorf or 
Bassecourt - Altdorf Even Tu regum for Zürich shows three Romance traits 
adopted by the Franks: non-shifted initial t-, short i > e, intervocalic k > g. 
Some Germanic elements found in the Lake of Geneva district also go back 
3 Stouff, Louis: Le pouvoir temporel et le régime municipal dans un évêché de l'empire 
germanique jusqu 'à la Réforme, pièces justificatives, Paris 1890. 
33 Daucourt, Arthur: Dictionnaire historique des paroisses de l'ancien évêché de Bâle, 
Bd. 7, Porrentruy 1907. 

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